Christina Phillips’ transformation from a large woman to a beautiful one after losing 240 pounds

American girl Christina Philips struggled with her weight and a number of other health issues.

The girl grew up in a household where everyone shouted at one another. Christina quickly got into eating, and she frequently experienced hunger. Christina weighed 130 kg when she was 12 years old. Her peers teased the girl.

The girl reached a weight of 300 pounds at age 21. Despite getting married, nothing in her life altered. She even started to make her husband obese, and when she realized how bad it was for both her husband and her health, she went to the well-known program «I Weighed 300 Pounds.»

The woman’s terrible problem was resolved by the method, and she quickly shed 238 pounds.

But, her husband started acting terribly rudely once she lost weight. He had her eat junk food and consumed delectable foods that were off limits to her diet in front of her.

As a result of their poisonous relationship, they filed for divorce. Christina had a baby and quickly met her true love.

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